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We will provide full refund if we cancel the course or deliver a product that is not as describe.   However, our refund policy takes upto 4 months to complete therefore payment will be deposited back to your account.   During the refund process, any complain against us online and/or with peers shell void the refund.   


Partial refund is provided if we agree to refund certain amount of the money.  Duration for partial refund is the same as full refund.  It may take up to 4 months to complete


At any given, if candidate cancel any class within the 28 days business days of our scheduled class, no refund is provided.  If you purchase our self study kit and downloaded a license regardless if you have used the product or not, refund will not be provided.  If you have requested self study kit in advanced of any class that you have signed up for, and have acknowledged that you have recieved the product, no refund will be provided if the class is cancel and/or re-scheduled.   Reschedule will be allowed.  VoiceBootcamp may provide compensation if we cancel the class.

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